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3500km in 10 days - what a charity tour!

Shortly before Ramadan, the Muslim fasting month, Sarah and Youssef set out with their daughter on a big charity tour. Their mission: to bring food baskets for the fasting period to families in remote areas, to meet the volunteers in different areas and to launch projects together. Snow, mountains, mud, rain, cities, desert, sun, heat, rural areas - everything was there. A lot of misery, but also many happy faces (check the gallery below). Within only 10 days, thanks to your donations and the commitment of our team, we were able to realise impressive things.

1. Food baskets for 64 families in a village in the Anti Atlas Mountains (with volunteer Abdellatif)

2. School material and toys for children in an oasis near Ouarzazate (with volunteers Ismail & Souleyman)

3. Toys and food baskets for nomad families in the Merzouga desert (with volunteer Brahim)

This impressive trip and the help for so many families in need was only possible thanks to a very generous donation from Pala Investments, a fundraiser of the Norwegian community, as well as some individual donors. A huge thank you! Also a big thank you to our volunteers in the different regions who make the projects happen. It is wonderful to see how we can help together. Together we can make a change.

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