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How can I help?

1.  become a member

2.  donate to specific projects (donations in kind and money)  

    – please check what we are looking for right now  

    - where to donate  

3.  Volunteer for sorting & collection

4.  Tell others about our project


Financial donations  

Donation account: IBAN CH91 0077 8215 6923 4200 1

Bank: Luzerner Kantonalbank

Support Flow to Morocco, Kleinwangenstrasse 20, 6280 Hochdorf

Donations via Paypal:

material donations

Our charity garage is located at Kleinwangenstrasse 14, 6280 Hochdorf. Please make an appointment with us ( +41797599526 Whatsapp) to hand in your donations. Donations by post are also possible. Since transport and customs costs CHF 3 per kg of material, we would be grateful if the transport costs for the donations could be covered. Thank you for your assistance.  

what does it take  

  Winter clothing and shoes for adults & children

  Shoes in general (no high heels, no shoes with holes)

  School supplies (backpacks, desks, pens, etc.)

  Toys (no board games/books only in German, nothing with batteries)

  Blankets (no duvet covers)

  Wheelchairs & walkers


Please note the following rules:   

1.  Donations must be sorted in bags according to size and handed in with a letter.

2.  Customs & transport costs 3 Fr. per km. Therefore: If possible, please contribute the transport costs for your things. Thank you!

3.  ONLY items in good condition, no holes.

4.  None: Ski helmets, high heels, women's jeans & revealing.

Join / Donate

a) Individual member CHF 80 per year
b) Couple member CHF 130 per year
c) Legal entity CHF 150 per year

The aid campaigns in Morocco are only possible thanks to your annual contributions and additional donations.

Together we can make a change.

Yes, I would like to become a member of the Support-Flow to Morocco association.

To complete your membership, we will email you the account details.

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