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4 tons of material collected - collection completed!

Dear all,

We have collected no less than 4 tonnes of material for the earthquake victims in Morocco. These are now on their way to the crisis area via our transporter and the remaining material via private campers. The collection of donations is thus completed for the time being. The cost of the transport so far: over 7000 Swiss francs.

You can keep up to date with what is happening with your donations on our social media channels:

Our plan is to wait for the material and then, when it gets really cold, go to the villages to see where help is needed. We have also had good winter tents made locally in Morocco. Cost: 3000 Swiss francs.

We are grateful if you continue to support us (rebuilding the houses etc) and we are happy about every new member of our association "Support-Flow to Morocco":

Thank you to all who helped and support us in our mission to help families and animals in need.

Your Support Flow to Morocco Team

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