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We have enough material donations!

Attention: Immediate stop of donations in kind!

Dear friends, we are overwhelmed by the outpouring of solidarity for the victims of the earthquake and the trust in our association "Support-Flow to Morocco". Thank you very much! We have been overwhelmed by requests for donations in kind. We've tried to respond as best we can... but we've almost been overwhelmed.

After Sarah handed over a lorry with 1.5 tonnes (!!!) of collected relief supplies (large tents, sleeping bags, blankets, winter clothing) to the transporter on Friday evening, and our teams in Morocco drove with tents and mattresses to the last village on the only road into the Atlas Mountains, we had to take a deep breath and reassess the situation on Saturday.

Our goal is to help specifically and with quality. We want to help with what is really needed and not simply "cart down" material. That is why we have decided not to accept any more donations in kind. We want to first process what is currently still in our garage and distribute it with our teams in Morocco where it is really needed this winter. Volunteers in Hochdorf will be busy for a few more days until everything that has already been handed in is sorted and packed. (All those with whom we have already made an appointment can still bring the items as agreed).

We now want to focus on a long-term reconstruction project - specifically, in two or three villages where we have trusted contacts. Our team has a vision of a kind of prefabrication of the basic structure of the houses, which we will look into in the next few days. For this, it will need your financial donations. So, it will now be about rebuilding.

So we continue to be grateful for any financial support - for long-term help:

Bank account: IBAN CH91 0077 8215 6923 4200 1 / Luzerner Kantonalbank, CH-6280 Hochdorf / Account Owner: Support-Flow to Morocco, Kleinwangenstrasse 20, CH-6280 Hochdorf, Switzerland / BIC/SWIFT LUKBCH2260A

Twint: 0797599526 (Sarah)

A thousand thanks to you! A thousand thanks to our great team of volunteers who have been working almost day and night over the last week.

And very important: Morocco needs YOU now! A large part of the people live from tourism - and except for the Atlas region, the other regions are not affected either. Book your trip to this beautiful country. The surf season is about to start! Come and visit us in the south (next to Agadir:

Of course we will keep you informed about the further proceedings and fundraising on our channels.

We love you,

Support-Flow to Morocco

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