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Fundraiser: Tents & food for woman with eight children

Today we are launching a new fundraising campaign. We need your support for a mother with eight children. The husband has disappeared. Their living conditions are a disaster.

They sleep in a makeshift "tent" made of plastic & cloth. The children don't even have blankets, no shoes, some were sick.

We have already brought them clothes, blankets and medicine on our donation distribution tour. However, this is not enough! They need two real tents, as well as support for food & vlt even for school. None of the children go to school yet.

For all this we are collecting money NOW. Cost: 700 francs for the tents & more for the additional support (food, general needs...). With the order we give at the same time a local tent builder, who has hardly any work since Corona, a chance to earn something.

Can you help?

* IBAN CH91 0077 8215 6923 4200 1 / LUKB Hochdorf / LUKB Hochdorf / Support-Flow to Morocco, Kleinwangenstrasse 20, 6280 Hochdorf

* Twint: 079 773 47 25 Lea Bischof

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