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What a year for the association!

In 2023, we were more challenged than ever before. At the Annual General Meeting on 7 June, we looked back on the past year. The earthquake in the Anti Atlas Mountains last autumn showed us what a strong foundation we have laid as a small but valued association in recent years. For the first time in the association's history, we had to act in the blink of an eye - and were supported by the public.

President Lea Bischof-Meier and then Managing Director Sarah Bischof described the challenging situation as follows: "We practically didn't have a moment's peace for a fortnight - the phone was ringing off the hook, the mailbox was flooded and we could have filled the garage four times over." We didn't hesitate for a second and immediately provided first aid with tents, blankets, mattresses and solar lamps with two teams in the crisis area. At the same time, Sarah Bischof launched a major fundraising campaign in Switzerland with national media coverage (20minuten, zentralplus, Radio 1, Radio Central, Radio Pilatus, etc.). "We felt an incredible amount of support," says Sarah Bischof looking back. However, after four tonnes of material and a double-filled garage, we had to call a halt to material donations. The collected material first had to be transported to the crisis area and distributed. We didn't want to send down any unnecessary material.

Conclusion and current project

We have been able to help many families and completely devastated villages that we have already been in contact with in the past through aid campaigns. We are currently in the process of building a temporary school for two villages in the crisis area.

The items on the agenda were all approved by the Board of Directors present, Lea Bischof-Meier, Kurt Bischof and Martin Bühlmann, as well as auditor Erich Sütterlin and member Brigitte Sütterlin.

The Board of Directors with Martin Bühlmann, President Lea Bischof-Meier, Kurt Bischof and Managing Director Sarah Bischof (from left to right).

The detailed activities can be found in the annual report of the President and the Managing Director.

Jahresbericht 2023 Präsidentin
Download PDF • 891KB

Jahresbericht 2023 Geschäftsführerin
Download PDF • 799KB

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