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Emergency nomad baby with sickle feet

Our volunteer Lahcen reported an emergency from the desert. Ahmed and his wife are nomads in the desert near Errachidia (Morocco). Two to three months ago Ahmed's wife gave birth to a boy with bad deformity of legs and feet. Urgent medical help is needed to correct the little boy's sickle feet - otherwise he will never be able to walk. The family cannot raise the needed 2000 francs for the treatment on their own. Let us help! We cannot lose any more time. The treatment to correct his deformity must begin immediately.

Can you help? Donate, share, tell others... everything helps.

Donation account: IBAN CH91 0077 8215 6923 4200 1

Bank: Luzerner Kantonalbank

Support-Flow to Morocco, Kleinwangenstrasse 20, 6280 Hochdorf

Donations via Paypal:

Twint: 0797734725 (Lea Bischof)

Let's help together!

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